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Matthew's Pictures

The following pictures were taken using Matthew's camera. Enjoy them and notice the many smiling faces :)

TC The Tournament Center
A shot of the 'battles' going on.

Matthew vs Jesse Matthew Ting vs Jesse Cheah
Start of the match between Matthew's(left) Y4 Occupation deck and Jesse's(right) MWYHLto2 deck.

Aldrin vs Daniel Aldrin Long vs Daniel Goh
Match ending between Aldrin's(left) Hidden Base deck and Daniel's ISBay deck.

The Final Duel

1st match 1st Match - mid-game
"Darth Maul" did not stand a chance against the might of the "Imperial Walkers". 1st Game ISB vs Fake HB

Intensity 1st Match - end-game
Mattew's intense concentration using every ounce of the Force, made the pciture blur and it was taken with an automatic camera!!

2nd Match 2nd Match - mid-game
The 2nd match - retrieving using 'All Wings Report In'.

The Winners

 Group Photo  A Group Photograph
L-R (top) - Wai Bien, Beng Ti, Kelvin Soo, Hsi Chien, Marcus, Jesse, Kelvin Lok (Bravo Niner)
L-R (bottom) - Aldrin, Matthew, Daniel, Gerald
not in photo - Wei Jiun

1st & 2nd 1st & 2nd
The top 2 winners with their thropies